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Image 1/8 Ineke's Grandma, Sientje Bannink. From the old photo album
Image 1/67 
Image 1/41 The 'common' pool for the Suralco workers and their families in Moengo
Image 1/93 The first test I did with podosiri ink was still in Suriname, where I combined podosiri with eggs and used a lino cut to print
Image 1/68 The photograph on the cover features Jerusa posing on the Casa Blanca stairs. I chose it because during the visit of the young Moengonese to Casa Blanca, they made the place their own, which symbolised the project as a whole
Image 1/14 The layout of the exhibition, designed by the youngsters and Harris Blondman
Image 1/38 The video installation: a grid of eighteen videos playing simultaneously. When I am creating work, I always do a lot of research. I travel a lot and use the impressions and experiences from these travels in the next steps of the creation process. For The Weather Forecast, I visited a man in South Holland that had rebuilt Noah’s Ark, according to the measurements that are given in the Bible. He did this because he believed that another deluge will soon be upon us