Hot Potato

  • Amsterdam (NL) & Stellendam (NL)
  • May 2020June 2021
  • In collaboration with Iva JankovichMaarten van der GlasMustafa KandazSuzanne BernhardtThe Jordan Museum - Mieke Krijger
  • Thanks to Loes SchepensMolenaardappelenTyna Adebowale
  • Supported by Creative Industries Fund NLStichting StokroosThe Mondriaan Fund
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image boezel.png
Image 1/1 A woman standing in line, wearing a 'boezelaar', a long white apron that was commonly worn by women around 1900
Image 1/5 250 grams of potatoes, boiled and mashed; 2 eggs; 75 grams of sugar; 1 teaspoon of lemon juice; 25 grams of semolina; and a pinch of salt
014.ROZENSTRAAT 59- '2020'- OKT.2020-PH.GJ.vanROOIJ hr.jpg
Image 1/4 This exhibition was created by various artists in succession. Each artist added a new element to the space
Image 1/6 Because of the enormous amount of the potato peels, I decided to dry them first, to keep them from going bad
Image 1/4 De commisaris vertelt, a book by H. Voordewind. The book is a biography about a young man who becomes a police commissioner in Amsterdam. This is the commissioner that gave the command to fire at the protesting and rioting crowd during the Potato Riots