Double Heritage

  • Talin (EE), Amsterdam (NL) & Moengo (SR)
  • September 2018August 2020
  • In collaboration with Basta Dwight DjoeDavid BooiEdilson WatsaamGideon PleinJair BenjeJean-Marc AsimiaJerusa MainsieLinio KastielLuigi KertosariOtt MetusalaRobbert BooiRossiano Toto
  • Thanks to Anna Van LeeuwenChris KokKenny van GenderenLilly DuijmMarcel PinasMarian DuffMarieke VisserRon ReederThe Kibii Foundation
  • Supported by BankGiro Lottery FundFonds voor ZuidoostGemeente ZuidoostShared Cultural Heritage
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Image 1/11 The photograph on the cover features Jerusa posing on the Casa Blanca stairs. I chose it because during the visit of the young Moengonese to Casa Blanca, they made the place their own, which symbolised the project as a whole
Image 1/7 Assignment about perspective
Schermafbeelding 2020-08-29 om 13.05.28.png
Image 1/12 Gamelan ensemble Widosari played songs about tradition and renewal
Image 1/26 Map of Moengo with the segregated neighbourhoods, drawn by Dentz in 1925
Image 1/12 Many of Moengo's buildings have been abandoned, and are slowly being taken over by nature