The Struggle is Real

  • Amsterdam (NL), Marowijne (SR), Paramaribo (SR) & Moengo (SR)
  • January 2019January 2020
  • In collaboration with Axe & PorrigeCorridor Project SpaceKenny van GenderenPainting PlantsSuzanne BernhardSuzanne Bernhardt
  • Thanks to AGALABAGAlabAbessa AmoeferiKenny van GenderenKensliMaisonadiaMamboTinde van Andel
  • Supported by AFKAmsterdams Fonds voor de KunstThe Mondriaan Fund
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Image 1/5 After extracting the pigment from the podosiri, in addition to etching ink, I also used it to create silk screening ink
Image 1/13 Our exhibition in Paramaribo took place in Maisonadia, where we collaborated with chef Paul Lisse and artist Kenny van Genderen
Image 1/24 The exhibition The Struggle is Real took place at Corridor Project Space in Amsterdam and lasted for two weeks
Image 1/15 The first test I did with podosiri ink was still in Suriname, where I combined podosiri with eggs and used a lino cut to print
Image 1/26 To get to the right place for podosiri picking, Kensli and Mambo travel down river
Image 1/1 Samples of the berry, branches, and leafs of the pina palm, the tree that produces podosiri berries
Image 1/9 The berries have to be soaked in warm water, because podosiri is so hard and dry