Bending Benchmarks

  • Amsterdam (NL), Moengo (SR) & Marowijne (SR)
  • January 2019May 2021
  • In collaboration with Fotolab KiekieFurgil RaafenbergIraida LandveldSandro WinterSeraven PinasTolin Alexander
  • Thanks to Donovan PramyEddie AsmoredjoEdwienEndyFaithFurgilJean-MarcKensliMamboMarcel PinasSeravenUMC Amsterdam
  • Supported by Galerie BrummelkampPrografix ParamariboThe Kibii FoundationThe Mondriaan Fund
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Image 1/4 Working on different ideas for photo shoots in Motel 1234 in Moengo
Image 1/2 The installation Bending Benchmarks at the AMC Brummelkamp Galerie, located inside the AMC Amsterdam hospital
Image 1/7 One of the participants of the photography project next to a photo of him in the Beatrix Theater
Image 1/28 The 'common' pool for the Suralco workers and their families in Moengo