AZC Style

  • Amsterdam, Gilze, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Ter Apel, Den Helder, Rijswijk (NL)
  • July 2018August 2018
  • In collaboration with Anna de JongHarris BlondmanKasmaeiMatea SafarPetra Katanic

AZC Style is a photography and design project where over 90 young people in six different Asylum Seekers Centers (in Dutch, AsielZoekers Centra) show their lives at the ASC. The young people took several photography workshops with four photographers, of which I was one. In a co-creative process, they captured important visual elements of their lifestyle at the ASC. At ASC’s in Amsterdam, Ter Apel, Utrecht, Gilze, Den Helder, and Rijswijk, an archive of over 5,000 photographs was created. The photographers selected 1,000 of these, which were then transferred to Studio Harris Blondman. Together with eight talented young people, they worked on image editing and graphic design for the exhibition and the paper.

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Image 1/9 The young people were all given SLR cameras and were allowed to use them for about three hours a day
Image 1/5 The layout of the exhibition, designed by the youngsters and Harris Blondman