Bending Benchmarks

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Bending Benchmarks is a photo series that was taken on the abandoned leisure spots that Suralco built for its employees: the motel, the tennis court, Casa Blanca and the Beatrix Theatre. These places were not just open to every employee, they were meant for the management staff of Suralco.

These places remind us of the wealthy past of Moengo,  but their decay is also a sign of the way Suralco left Moengo and their disappearance is part of the disappearance of the segregated life in Moengo.

In the photos the spots are temporarily brought back to life.

In Motel 1234 three boys are doing a pillow fight. They portray the struggle that comes with trying to make an income in a post-industrial town. The falling tennis balls on the tennis court symbolize the transition that Moengo is in now. The man, fishing in Casa Blanca shows us one of the beautiful things that Suralco left behind, that is useless when it comes to providing for yourself. And in the theatre, the three boys having fun show us that life goes on, and that we are not always determined by our surroundings.




ATV nieuws 24 juni 2019


De Ware Tijd 3 juni 2019



De West 31 mei 2019



De Ware Tijd 11-05-2019

This project started in 2017, with the Golf Course

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