About Roosje Verschoor




I use photography and video as my media. I aim to show the layers of traditions, stories, situations and locations. I focus on how all the elements relate tot each other: how one element can be part of another, from which perspective we interpret situations or how we could interpret them. I use both truth and fiction to tell a story, and combine found footage with my own images, video and text.
I currently live and work in Surinam.



Roosje Verschoor


Tembe Art Studio Moengo, Surinam exp. Mar 2019

Once Upon Water Arts Unfold, Artscape Gibraltar, Toronto, Ca Sep 2018

Artceb Residency Botopasi, Surinam Aug-Oct 2016



Bachelor Photography  Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam, NL 2012-2016



Artist in Residency Grant Mondriaan Fonds 2018/2019

Shared Cultural Heritage Dutch Culture 2018



AZC-style Studio Harris Blondman Oct ‘18

Once Upon Water artscape Gibraltar, Toronto, Canada Sep ‘18

Plastic Millepiani, Rome, Italy Sep ‘18

Deh Watt Kissi Mi Amsterdam UMC (AMC), Amsterdam Jun-Sep ‘18

Butzkebad Schaufenster, Berlin, Germany Feb ‘18

Casa Blanca Cont. Art Museum Moengo, Surinam Jul ’17 – now

Biennal exhibition Gabrovo House of Humor and Satire, Bulgaria May – Sep ‘17

Water  CBK Groningen, NL May – Jul ‘17

Antik  HGB Galeria Leipzig, Germany Dec ‘16 – Jan ‘17

The debute XL  Bellevue Amsterdam, NL Oct ‘16

A Reflex  Surinam Museum Paramaribo, Surinam Sep ‘16 

End exam show Rietveld Academie Amsterdam, NL Jul ‘16

Happy Sad  Unseen Photo Fair, Amsterdam, NL Sep ‘15

Do I Need Gloves for This?!  A Tale of a Tub Rotterdam May ‘15

I’m where you can’t see me  Gevangenenpoort, The Hague, NL Sep ‘14

Every Humanbeing is an Artist Art Kitchen Station RAI Amsterdam, NL Sep ‘14

Place Values  Het Amsterdamse Bos, NL whole ‘13

Public Relations  Cobra Museum Amsterdam, NL Jun ‘13



Against the Tide (traveling exhibition:

  • DA2 Domus Artium, Salamanca, Spain Oct ‘18
  • Savonlinna Int. Nature Film Festival, Finland  Aug ‘18
  •  Madraza Palace, Univ. of Granada, Spain Jun – Jul ‘18
  • El Lobi, Santurce, Puerto RicoJun ‘18
  • Liquidscapes, Totnes, Devon, UKJun ‘18
  • Temple University, Phil., USAApr ‘18
  • Centro Atlántico de Arte Moderno, SpainApr ’18
  • kkigalleria, Jyväskylä, FinlandMar ‘18
  • Puertas de Castilla, Murcia, SpainFeb–Apr ‘18
  • Valencian Institute of Modern Art, SpainNov ’17

Open Art Route Zuidoost Amsterdam South East, NL Dec ‘17

Icarus The Ceuvel, Amsterdam, NL Aug ‘17

Off the Wall Artilab Wisconsin, USA Aug ‘17

Sled Island Music&Arts Fest. Sled Island, Canada  Jul ‘17

Horen Zien Zwijgen Photo Festival Schiedam, NL  Oct ‘16



AZC-style, in opdracht van De Vrolijkheid  Jun-Oct ’18

Het maken van fotografisch werk, samen met jongeren die opgroeien in verschillende AZC’s in Nederland


Self published photo book Between Fetish and Fear 2016

Self published photo book Redundant 2016

Self published photo book Management and Leadership 2016

Self published zine Happy Sad 2015

De Gids 2014/5 year 11 Photo: ‘Jane’ May 2014